Invitation of the PM to Second Generation Ethiopians: Inter-country Adoptees

By Dagnachew Tesfaye, Managing Partner DMLF

The Ethiopian Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed extended an invitation to second generation Ethiopians diasporas  to come and reconnect with their Ethiopian origin. The invitation remains intact from the end of December 2023- to September 20, 2024. Ethiopian airlines, hotels, tour companies, and transport services shall be accommodating the trip of these second generation diasporas with a discounted rate. Expediated customs and immigration services shall also be implemented. The trip  is divided into three rounds.

The first round is named ‘ connect to your multi-cultural roots’. This round is from end of December 2023- beginning of February 2024. This is to remind those second generation Ethiopians to understand, experience and connect with their culture and celebrate national holidays with their Ethiopian counterparts that fall within this round. 

The second round is named ‘connect to your historical roots’. The timeline is from the end of February 2024 to beginning of May 2024. This is aimed to reconnect them to their historical heritages that are based in religion, faith and culture.

The third round is from the end of June 2024 to the beginning of September 20, 2024. The theme of the third round is ‘ leave your legacy’. The second generation Ethiopians shall participate in planting seedlings and participate in multiple voluntary summer works.

The aim is for these second generation Ethiopians to know and experience  their country first-hand, and come and serve their country in the future. Ethiopian children adopted under international adoption who are living abroad, who wish to know more about their country of origin, may make the best out of this grand invitation of the PM. The FDRE Ministry of Tourism has organized a task force for smooth execution of the invitation. See attached for the invitation of the PM Dr.Abiy Ahmed,

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