Travel Ban Request in a Civil Case in Ethiopia

By DMLF Team

A claimant or judgment creditor in a civil case can request for the opposite party in the suit not to leave Ethiopia either before the case is resolved or executed. The request for injunctive order for travel ban has to be made with an oath and affidavit that there is an imminent danger that the defendant or counter defendant or judgment debtor may abscond the country making the claimant or judgment creditor to lose money.

This request has to be made in accordance with Ethiopian Civil Code Article 147 entitled security for appearance. Where the court is satisfied that the defendant or a plaintiff against whom a counter claim has been lodged is about to leave the jurisdiction of Ethiopia,  the court may issue a warrant on arrest of the defendant and bring him before court to show cause why he should not furnish security for his appearance. The law goes beyond travel ban and order the arrest of the defendant or debtors.

If the request is for a travel ban of the defendant or debtor, then the claimants has to request the judge to order the immigration office to execute the order.

The request for travel ban or for that matter arrests has to be made by an affidavit under oath. The request has to satisfy the court that there is a reasonable probability that can result in obstruction or delayance in the execution of any decree that may be passed against the defendant in the suit.

The request for travel ban or arrest can be requested at any stage of the suit. However if the suit is regarding immovable property, security of appearance under Article 147 of the Civil Procedure Code can not be requested.

The claimant is not required by law  to furnish a security or guarantee to compensate the defendant or judgment debtor for unwarranted injunction.

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