Executive Organs of the Addis Ababa City Government

By DMLF Team

The Addis Ababa City Revised Charter Proclamation No 361/2003( as amended) lays the basis for the establishment of the Addis Ababa City Government. Based on this federal proclamation, the Addis Ababa City Council enacted ‘ The Addis Ababa City Government to Specify the Powers and Duties of the Executive Organ Proclamation No 74/2021’ on Addis Negari Gazeta. The focus of the article is to give a brief indication as to the executive organs of the Addis Ababa City government.

Proclamation No 74/2021 established the following executive organs: Office of the Mayor; Labour, Enterprise and Industry Development Bureau; Finance Bureau; Housing Development and Management Bureau; Public Service and Human Resource Development Bureau; Peace and Security Administration Bureau; Culture, Art and Tourism Bureau; Justice Bureau; Land Development and Management Bureau; Transport Bureau; Design and Construction Works Bureau; Technical and Vocational Training and Technology Development Bureau; Health Bureau; Trade Bureau; Education Bureau; Women, Children and Social Affairs Bureau; Revenue Bureau; Youth and Sport Bureau; Communication Bureau; Urban Beautification and Green Development Bureau; Plan and Development Commission; Investment Commission; Public Property Administration Authority; Farmers and Urban Farming Development Commission; Public Participation and Voluntarism Coordination Commission; Fire and Disaster Risk Management Commission; Housing Development Commission; Construction Permit and Regulatory Authority; Education and Training Quality Regulatory Authority; Food and Pharmaceutical Administration and Regulatory Authority; Drivers’ and Vehicles Licencing and Regulatory Authority; Code Enforcement Authority; Environmental Protection Authority; Roads Authority; Water and Sewerage Authority; Traffic Management Agency; Land Holdings Registration and Information Agency; Sanitary Management Agency; Cooperatives Agency; Vital Events Registration and Information Agency; Feeding Agency; Public Procurement and Property Disposal Service; Social Trust Fund; Gullele Botanical Garden; Addis Ababa Leadership Academy; and Kotebe Metropolitan University.

Each executive organ shall be organized having a head, a deputy head/s and other relevant departments as necessary. The Proclamation goes further in giving each executive organ detailed powers and functions. For instance the Labour, Enterprise and Industry Development Bureau among several other powers, has the power to ‘cause the presence of workplace peace between the employees and employers; make sure that collective labour disputes and differences on cooperative agreement bargains are resolved through consensus; carry out city-wide continuous awareness creation activities on foreign employment and human trafficking’. The Women, Children and Social Affairs Bureau, for instance, is given power, among others, to ‘provide care and support for children who are not included in the community-based support and care program, who are involved in criminal activities and are vulnerable for drug addiction, homeless people’. ‘Prevention of illegal construction, occupying a land illegally, land grabbing and illegal expansion of landholdings in collaboration with concerned organs; control thereof; take or cause the taking of legal measures’ is one of the powers and duties of the Code Enforcement Authority.

The executive organs are hierarchically organized in sub-city and woreda structures. Executive organs that are not included in this Proclamation shall continue to exercise their power as per their establishment laws in a way not contrary to this Proclamation. The Addis Ababa City Government executive organs re-establishment Proclamation No 64/2019 and its amendments are repealed. In addition to this, the Addis Ababa City Government School Feeding Agency Establishment Proclamation No 68/2020, Community Engagement Coordination Agency Establishment Regulation No 118/2021 and Communication Office Establishment Regulation No 120/2021 are repealed.

Proclamation 74/2021 has entered into force as of 29th September 2021.

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