Ethiopian Energy Regulation

The Council of Ministers has enacted Energy Regulation No 447/2019(here after the Regulation), to be effective from the date of publication in the Federal Negarit Gazette. The authority to administer the regulation is the Ethiopian Energy Authority as established under Regulation No 308/2006( here after the Authority). The parent legislation for the Energy Regulation are Energy Proclamation No 810/2013 and Proclamation No 1085/2018 as amended.
The Energy Regulation covers how licences and certificate of competence are applied and acquired. The regulation mentions licences in hydro and geothermal power generation licence, wind, solar, bio-mas, urban waste, thermal and bio-gas power generation licence, transmission licence, distribution and sales licence. It regulates how these licences are requested, acquired, the validity period, renewal, amendment, transfer, suspension or revocation. Similarly the Regulation provides how Certificate of Competency renewed, validity period, suspension or revocation.
The Regulation state in detail the rights and duties of licence holders, certificate of competency holders and customers. Electricity tariff and grid access are also dealt in detail. In addition to the above licences, licencing of energy efficiency and conservation audit, contracting or consultancy service licence requests, renewal, suspension or revocation shall be dealt by the Authority. Electrical equipment and appliances standard shall be set by the Authority. Principles are set out on energy efficiency and conservation in industries and buildings. Energy efficiency and conservation fund is established.
Dispute settlement shall follow amicable settlement, mediation and finally arbitration. Under miscellaneous provisions, the Authority is granted to issue directives. The regulation is done in Addis Ababa on January 28,2019.

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