Covid 19 Directive 2/2020

The Ministerial Committee on Covid 19 has come out with a directive namely Covid 19 Directive no.2/2020 to execute the Emergency Proclamation No 3/2020 and Council of Ministers Regulation No 466/2020. It contains four parts. The first part is general conditions. The second part is about the Ministerial committees work, committee members, sub-committees and establishing regional committees. The third part is about religious, death, funeral, abattoir, festivity shopping, employer-employee relationship and usage of lifts. Finally part four is about special provisions.

Under the Directive ‘Employee’ shall mean a worker that is governed under Labor proclamation No 1156/2019 and who works with a person, business organization or non-governmental organizations.

The Directive on Article 23 sub-article 11 state that employment contracts cannot be terminated, salary cannot be blocked, salary cannot be reduced or refused without the knowledge and approval of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

Employer is obliged to report and hand over an employees that clearly shows Covid 19 symptoms or if there is a suspicion that an employee shows the symptoms on Article 23(12).

Similarly on Article 23(13) the employer SHOULD establish a 5 member committee, that directly respond to the Ministry, that works on the work place response prevention of Covid 19, the head of the organization being the head of the committee.

Finally on Article 23(14) the employer has a duty to report on the work place response performance on Covid 19.