Can a Foreign Investor Allowed to Open a Bank Account in Ethiopia?

By DMLF Team

One of the investment incentives in Ethiopia for foreign investors is the privilege of opening bank accounts and operating the same. The Investment Proclamation No 1180/2020 allows foreign investors to open and operate foreign currency accounts in any private bank in Ethiopia for the purpose of their investments. Foreign Investors are defined as an individual or company who has invested foreign capital in Ethiopia. The manner of operation of foreign currency account is determined by the directives of the National Bank of Ethiopia. The National Bank of Ethiopia has issued a directive that is effective as of November 9,2020 namely “Establishment and Operation of Foreign Currency Saving Account for Residents of Ethiopia, Non-Resident Ethiopian and Non-Resident Ethiopian Origin” Directives No. EX1V 68 /2020″ that allows foreign investors who are residents of Ethiopia to open and operate foreign currency accounts in addition to that of local savings or current accounts of their choice.

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