This brief project report has covered since from the commencement of the work up to end of July 2019.Since the inception of the project, last January 17, 2019, the progress of works is only 0.40% as compared to 3.41% of the Original Work Program of Clause 4.14. And the total time elapsed to date is 14.97%. Therefore, the progress of works as per theOriginal Work Program and Elapsed Time to dateis lagging behind by-14.57%.

Time elapsed up to the end of the reporting period including design period is 195 calendar days or 14.97 of the Contract time.The Contractor is required to achieve the rate of progress as much as3%-5% per month.Now as of July 31st, 2019 the Contractor has achieved only0.40% against planned rate of 3.41% as per the Original Work program.

So far the following activities have been carried out.