NBE Directive No 2/2013

The National Bank of Ethiopia Directive No CMD/2/2013 aim at implementation of the new printed Birr notes. The new Birr notes shall have the same value as the previous Birr notes. The exchange rate between the former one Birr note and the new one Birr note is equal. The deadline for expiry of the old Birr notes shall be 90(Ninety) days and the NBE shall inform the public. Any exchange above Birr 5000 shall be done through one’s own account. Those who have more than Birr 100,000 should do the exchange within one month time. Transaction of sale of cars, houses or minerals and all other transactions above Birr 50,000 should be made through bank transfer. The Directive shall come into force as of 05/01/2013 E.C.

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