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Where the application is to establish a new local viable venture in Ethiopia, the foreign investor applicant is required to submit the following documents:

  • An application form signed by an agent of the company;
  • A name clearance from the Ethiopian Ministry of Trade
  • A photo copy of agent’s power of attorney;
  • A copy of memorandum association;
  • A copy of each share holders valid passport or identity card or photo copy of a certificate evidencing a domestic investor status
  • In case of non-share company, a bank statement showing that the company’s capital to be contributed in cash is deposited in a bank account and proper documents related to contribution in kind; and
  • In case of a share company, a bank statement showing that at least one fourth of par value of the subscribed shares of the company is deposited in a bank account

Up on filling the investment application form, the investment permit and company registration certificate shall be issued.

There are two major registration requirements. The first is the minimum capital requirement. The minimum capital requirement of a foreign investor is USD$200,000 per project. If a foreign investor invests in partnership with domestic investor(s), the minimum capital requirement of him is USD$150,000.The minimum entry capital required of a foreign investor investing in areas of architectural, engineering works or related technical consultancy services, technical testing and analysis and publishing works is USD$100,000. Where the investment is to be made jointly with domestic partner(s), the minimum capital required for the foreign investor is USD$50,000.

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